About Us

Our Approach

Kopel Research Group, Inc. (KRG, Inc.) is a full service marketing research firm helping clients to understand their customers and optimizing new products to aid in their sales and marketing strategy efforts.

  • We specialize in the following research areas:  Product development, Customer satisfaction, Store location, and Advertising effectiveness, including Government sponsored Lottery game research and Retail chain trading area analysis.

Our Solution

KRG, Inc. employs a variety of qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques. We offer clients more than data, we produce insights. We identify the strategic implications of our findings and make the results actionable. In order to do this, we commit to a full partnership with you, providing end-to-end service.

  • We are constantly keeping pace with new technology so we can offer our clients marketing research that is much faster, more accurate, and far less costly than ever before.
  • We are especially excited about our capability to provide high quality web-based surveys to our clients as well as our capability to develop proprietary online “Customer Advisory Panels” for market research and e-mail marketing programs.
  • We will collaborate with you to identify your study needs and objectives, create the survey vehicle and evaluate the optimum method for data collection. Upon survey completion, we provide top-line results, cross tabulations and offer an executive summary, full report, and/or PowerPoint presentation.

Our Clients

Corporate marketing and market research departments, Government sponsored Lotteries, advertising agencies, principals of small and mid-sized companies and marketing consulting firms. Client list


Best of all, KRG means ROI – typically paying many times over in terms of increased revenue growth while minimizing downside risk.

To find out how KRG can service your market research needs — Call: 781-603-2705 or Click Here to Email Us!

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