Our Approach

Kopel Research Group, Inc. (KRG, Inc.) is a full service marketing research firm helping clients to understand their customers

and optimizing new products to aid in their sales and marketing strategy efforts.

  • We specialize in the following research areas:  Product development, Customer satisfaction, Store location, and Advertising effectiveness, including Government sponsored Lottery game research and Retail chain trading area analysis.

Our Solution

KRG, Inc. employs a variety of qualitative and quantitative marketing research techniques. We offer clients more than data, we produce insights. We identify the strategic implications of our findings and make the results actionable. In order to do this, we commit to a full partnership with you, providing end-to-end service.

  • We are constantly keeping pace with new technology so we can offer our clients marketing research that is much faster, more accurate, and far less costly than ever before.

  • We are especially excited about our capability to provide high quality web-based surveys to our clients as well as our capability to develop proprietary online “Customer Advisory Panels” for market research and e-mail marketing programs.
  • We will collaborate with you to identify your study needs and objectives, create the survey vehicle and evaluate the optimum method for data collection. Upon survey completion, we provide top-line results, cross tabulations and offer an executive summary, full report, and/or PowerPoint presentation.

Philip S. Kopel

Founder & CEO

Mr. Kopel is the chief market research designer and analyst at KRG, Inc.  Mr. Kopel has performed a wide range of market research services for diverse industries.  He has driven the effort to utilize advance technology and the Internet as part of various market research processes.

Prior to KRG, Inc., Mr. Kopel was Manager of Marketing Research at GTECH Corporation, a worldwide Lottery supplier.  In that capacity he developed its marketing research department, created lottery sales forecasts, supplied the lottery industry with lottery game trend data, assessed player demographics, shopping behavior, motivational factors, and agent selection criteria. He conceived of and developed the GMARK system to support the identification of potential Lottery agents and optimization of a lottery jurisdiction’s retailer network.

Prior to GTECH, Mr. Kopel was a Senior Marketing Research Analyst with Grossman’s Home Centers. He performed Site Location Research nationally, throughout the 240 store chain.  In this capacity Mr. Kopel computerized the retail site location process, and developed a sales forecast modeling system to calculate market size, sales penetration and market growth potential.

Mr. Kopel holds an M.A. degree in Marketing Geography from Kent State University and a B.S. (Cum Laude), 1976 in Environmental Design, with a specialization in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.