Customer Advisory ePanels

At the centerpiece of Kopel Research Group, Inc.’s innovative marketing research program is the development of Customer Advisory ePanels.

These Customer Advisory ePanels are effectively large databases of your customers that are available to take surveys or participate in focus groups to help your business.  We offer several methods of recruiting and building these Customer Advisory ePanels.

Once your customers register to be Customer Advisory ePanelists, there are several benefits to utilizing the ePanel  for customer satisfaction research, product testing research and tracking studies.

  • Cost efficiency
  • Reduced survey length
  • Can show video and/or print material for testing
  • Can test audio material such as radio spots
  • Consistency and accuracy of sample

By properly designing and utilizing an Advisory ePanel,  profile information need only be collected once, but can be joined with tracking surveys and product testing studies conducted over the year.

Customer Advisory ePanels can dramatically lower your marketing research costs, while increasing accuracy and efficiency.

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