Exit Interviews

An exit interview is a quantitative data collection method.  It is also called intercept interviews, in which customers are interviewed immediately after their experience with a business or organization.

Many businesses and organizations use intercept interviews to gauge visitor satisfaction and customer satisfaction.  Intercept interviews are especially helpful due to the immediacy of the customer’s experience with the organization.  Often called an exit interview, this marketing research data collection method benefits from a respondent’s ability to recount details of his/her experience.

In fast changing markets, intercept interviews can be helpful in identifying new opportunities as well as potential problems that might not be apparent from your perspective as a business or organizational leader.

Intercept interviews are used by retail businesses to gauge satisfaction regarding customers’ experience with the business or to gauge people’s likelihood of using a new location.

Intercept interviews are an ideal methodology for businesses and organizations to identify:

  • Perceptions and satisfaction with a business or organization
  • Improvements and changes customers would like to see
  • Customer reaction to an organization’s future plans

Intercept interviews are an appropriate method for answering quantitative questions, such as:

  • What is the demographic profile of my customers?
  • How large are different market segments within a geographic region?
  • If customers buy my new product or use my new service, what income is likely to be generated in a year?

KRG handles all aspects of intercept interviews, including questionnaire design, data collection, and analysis of results.  We work closely with clients to identify critical information needs and design intercept interviews that will best inform and support decisions.  We partner with high quality fielding companies throughout the USA.

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