Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research that brings together small numbers of people to discuss a topic (such as reactions to a new product or service, or opinions about a client or a client’s competitors). The typical focus group consists of about 10 people who share common characteristics and experiences in relation to a topic. The group discusses the topic for about 1 ½ hours under the direction of a moderator. Focus groups involve:

  • Identifying the research objectives
  • Developing a moderator’s guide
  • Holding the focus group meetings
  • Analyzing and presenting the results
  • Recruiting participants and arranging for an appropriate facility in which to hold the discussions

Organizations use focus groups as a qualitative marketing research methodology to understand how people make decisions about – and what factors influence – their use of products or services.  Focus groups are an ideal marketing research methodology for:

  • Conducting product testing
  • Investigating new product or service ideas
  • Understanding an organization’s brand image
  • Gaining insights into purchasing decisions
  • Testing advertising and marketing concepts and materials
  • Identifying competitors’ perceived strengths and weaknesses

Besides focus groups, KRG conducts one-on-one interviews and in-depth interviews with industry experts or other relevant sources.

KRG can utilize Customer Advisory ePanelists for a much higher level of focus group recruitment.

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