On-Line Surveys

Internet surveys are now the preferred method of gathering market intelligence. KRG has the state of the art tools and systems to take advantage of this methodology.

KRG manages a Survey Central Web site server from which it administers all client surveys. The data is collected and stored directly on our database server where it is accessed by our analytical and reporting tools.

Some key factors that make on-line surveys successful:

  • KRG can build and maintain a “Customer Advisory Panel” for a series of surveys of your company
  • Data can be available in real time
  • Decision trees (Skip patterns) can be programmed into the survey easily
  • Email sample panel databases are available for most market segments
  • Data integrity is higher because additional data entry is eliminated
  • Costs are much lower than all other techniques
  • Multimedia techniques can be used to present product imagery and functionality on the respondents desktop
  • Respondents can take the survey at their convenience
  • Surveys are accomplished in very short time frames

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